Brochure Website

The objectives of a showcase website

A showcase website is a communication tool that is limited to portraying the image of the company and creating an initial means of interaction between the organization and its partners (clients, prospects, partners, suppliers).

Having a presence on the internet offers real advantages: customer retention, customer acquisition, expanding the customer base, and more…

The content of this type of website

The showcase website is a dynamic medium that should be consistent with the company it represents in order to present the content of your site in an appealing manner (a company presentation page, a list of products/services you offer, image and video galleries, a contact form to enhance communication with your customers and prospects). You can also add as much content as you like.

Dynamic Website

A dynamic website is, first and foremost, an administrable website (by us or by yourself) that allows you to better manage your content (add, remove, or modify pages) according to your needs and specifications.

It provides you with the ability to engage with your customers more effectively, get to know them better, improve your services, and make your business more profitable.

The content of a dynamic website

It must necessarily contain useful, up-to-date, and always available data. The content of this type of website can be unlimited (you can add as many pages as you want).

E-commerce Website

An e-commerce website

Every e-commerce website is a dynamic site; it’s the ideal place to market and sell your products online. You can easily add your products, manage your inventory, receive and process orders. We ensure that your website is well-presented, making the purchasing process easier for your customers.

The objectives of an e-commerce website

An e-commerce website is your virtual store, available 24/7 and accessible to a wide audience. It’s a tool that allows you to attract new customers, retain existing customers, collect leads, provide information about your brand and products, give details about your physical stores, and ultimately boost your sales.

Custom Website

A custom website

A custom website is built according to your specifications and needs based on a set of requirements. As a result, your new website will be different depending on your request, including the interface (a unique design that corresponds to your industry and your specifications).

To enable content updates on your website, an administration interface will be set up. With this tool, your website can evolve at your own pace. To ensure you have great autonomy, we provide comprehensive training before you start using it.

The objectives of a custom website

Creating a custom website promises a website that is “unique” in terms of functionality and usefulness, with a personalized design. This way, you can present your products or services very precisely or automate certain actions. For example, you can create custom online quotes or generate invoices, and even choose the colors of different sections.

Our team assists you in developing your custom features. We conduct user tests to ensure a proper understanding of the site’s functionality. User experience is a crucial aspect in the development and testing of your custom developments.